4 most popular tech trends right now

Short video content: Rapid growth of short video content is stimulated by people’s interest in getting information in a short period of time. Only 25% of viewers are finishing videos that are over 20 minutes. TikTok became the most popular video platform because of short-form videos, that’s why influencers use it as a tool for generating income. If you want to earn money from TikTok, buy TikTok followers for the best price possible.

Industry: Computer Simulation

The speed of technological development, essential nowadays, is only possible for one reason: computer simulation. Present in several sectors, contributing to sustainability, security, industries and education, simulation still has a lot to benefit humanity. “In 2022 and beyond, this technology needs to be even more accessible and easier to use. Thus, the results will become faster and more applicable to everyday problems. Considering the solution that promoted the digitization of engineering, the simulation will naturally go on to solve more complex problems”.

Energy: API Gateways and hybrid plants

With the increase in the volume of data in the energy sector and its use in analysis tools, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have gained more and more relevance. According to Danilo Barbosa, Executive VP and founding partner of Way2, they can be understood as a set of standardized interfaces for integration, through which one system can query data and perform operations on another. In 2022 this will be one of the most important technologies for the energy sector. “With the possibility of rules for data portability in the opening of the sector, the greater digitalization in the relationship with consumers, in addition to the adaptation to the LGPD (General Data Protection Law), the use of API Gateways to monitor and control these interfaces must increase a lot”, he says.

Another trend that tends to grow in the electricity sector are hybrid plants, which are power generation plants that have more than one technology involved, especially renewable ones. 

Logistics: Microservices Architecture

For 2022, flexibility, agility and innovation must come first when it comes to driving the supply chain business agenda. Thus, the adoption of microservices architecture and cloud solutions will be essential. “Microservices are a packaging and deployment concept that aims to create technical agility, reducing the size and deployment dependencies between an application’s components”. The move to microservices means investing in agility. “It has the potential to accelerate development lifecycles and support scalability, whether for cloud-based workloads, sustained sales and e-commerce peak periods, flexible transportation and delivery planning,

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