8 Fun Ways to Learn English Grammar at Home

Having correct knowledge of grammar is imperative for your studies and career. But, most of the students run away from this topic because they don’t want to learn boring grammar rules. I was also in one of them. But, then I found some interesting and practical ways to learn grammar. And believe me, they have proven to be the best way of learning grammar. I’m going to share the methods with you now so that you can also become a pro in it.

8 Fun Ways to Learn Grammar:

1. Writing

You should practice writing 5-10 sentences daily. Open any dictionary or any list of words and make different sentences of the words. For example, you can take a list of adjectives that start with N and write five sentences of its first five words. On the first day, your sentences will be of a basic level and can contain some grammar mistakes.

You can check your grammar from different online grammar tools and can learn. When you will excel in basic sentences, you can go for long sentences.

2. Reading:

Pick any English book or magazine and read it. While reading, your focus should be on sentence structure. Observe how the author has written sentences and what tenses he has used.

This activity will record all the grammar rules in your subconscious. Learning about tenses in the book context will help you to understand and learn them easily.

You should give 10-15 minutes daily to this activity. This will result in excelling you in grammar rules without even cramming them.

3. Proofread your written content:

Proofreading your written text will help you in identifying your grammatical mistakes. Whenever you write something, do proofread it.

It will be better if you proofread your content aloud. It will be more beneficial than silent re-reading. Also, if possible, read aloud your content to another person. He can point out your grammatical mistakes.

4. Keep a grammar manual:

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to cram English rules. No, never! But, keeping a grammar manual when you are practicing your grammar will be a clever choice.

Whenever you will get stuck while writing, you can consult a grammar manual. Whenever you will get stuck while reading, you can consult the grammar manual. You can learn why the writer has used this specific tense in this situation. Or, you can learn how to write an advanced level sentence.

5. Look at the examples:

If you want to learn a specific grammar rule, it will be better to look at the sentences in which that rule has been used. Observe the structure of those sentences and try to write sentences like them. It will instill that aspect of grammar in your subconscious.

6. Watch English channels:

Watch different English documentaries and news channels to improve your English grammar. Watch them with subtitles as it will help to learn the pattern of sentences.

I will not recommend you to watch movies or series as most of them use ungrammatical sentences. There are some exceptional cases, for example, FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory. You can watch such movies and series for your grammar. But do focus on documentaries and news channels more.

7. Ask for feedback:

Do you know what plays a great role in my learning journey? Feedback!

Every one of us will have a few areas of grammar in which we suck. For example, I was unable to correctly use “articles” in my sentences. I was not good at “present perfect” tenses. My mentor pointed out my weak points. His feedback gave me direction. Now, I know that I have to focus on this weak point and I start working on it quoteamaze.

You should also look for such feedback. You can ask your teacher or mentor to check your writing pieces and guide you. And if someone guides you, listen to him dishportal. If you don’t have any such mentor or teacher, you can go for home tuition too. Hire someone for your grammar. Listen to his advice and follow it informenu.

8. Online Grammar apps:

There are different online grammar tests, apps and games which you can use to learn grammar. You can play different online grammar games and can give online grammar tests. This will tell you about your progress fullformsadda.

So, these are some ways through which you can excel in grammar. They will not take much of your time and energy as a traditional way of learning takes. Do apply them and polish your English grammar.

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