Best Chance to Eat Frozen Yogurt?

The best time to eat frozen yogurt? When it’s warm outside! In the summer, when temperatures are high and air conditioning isn’t available! That’s right, a frozen treat for breakfast sounds like a rebellion against the morning. After all, it’s sweet and sugary, and it’s probably not much more exciting than a cinnamon roll! But, when the temperatures are high and the air conditioning isn’t running, frozen yogurt is the perfect way to start your day.

When comparing frozen yogurt to regular ice cream, serving size is a crucial factor. Although a single serving may seem healthier than a double-decker tub of ice cream, it is crucial to remember that people tend to eat more of the frozen variety. And don’t let the calorie count fool you: frozen yogurt is not necessarily better for you than ice cream. It contains similar nutrients and is often lower in calories. But, since it’s a dessert, it still has calories!

Regular yogurt contains probiotics. But, most of those bacteria won’t survive the freezing process, leaving frozen yogurt simply sweetened milk. But, it’s still worth trying if you want to eat frozen yogurt that contains probiotics. If you’re unsure, look for a seal stating it contains live and active cultures. Otherwise, you’re probably better off eating regular yogurt instead.


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