Breast augmentation with own fat Hybrid Breast

Breast augmentation with breast fat grafting It is not different from other fat grafts in the body. We will suck fat from popular parts of the body such as thighs or abdomen, and then spin it to extract it. and injected back into the desired position whether face or chest The method is no different. The areas that are frequently used for liposuction include: Outer thigh area, inner thigh, waist area, chest area Hybrid breast is a technique that combines breast augmentation with silicone. plus the addition of fat This technique uses the breast augmentation under the muscles. Together with fat injection in the skin, injected silicone will not enter the cavity under the muscle at all. Injecting fat into the subcutaneous layer makes the skin thicker. Suitable for people who are very thin. Add a soft touch. In addition, it also adds naturalness to the breasts. Reduce the occurrence of blockage in the chest.

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Advantages of Hybrid breast technique

  1. Increase the thickness of the skin layer add naturalness to the breasts
  2. Can solve the problem of breasts that are unequal in shape and size to look more balanced
  3. can solve problems Patients who Ken had undergone surgery. There is a problem with thin texture, streaks, or can feel the edge of the silicone How many injections to fill fat at the area that is curly or can feel the edge of the silicone can solve these problems
  4. Make breasts look more natural Not broken into blocks or too round, the chest looks more laid-back
  5. Thicker skin layers help to touch more realistic Don’t look too blocky. See the nature of both hands touch and eyes touch.
  6. Fats are used as body cells. high security It’s not a foreign thing, not a residue.
  7. Using the hybrid breast technique, the fat is broken down quite a bit.

Why do women want breast augmentation and want to have a beautiful breast size? This is a question that many people ask. The answer is simple: having large breasts that are suitable for the body. It will make the girls wear beautiful clothes. increase your self-confidence Because of the beautiful breasts that will increase the charm and help attract people around you to the girls very much. At the same time, the size of the beautiful breasts does not need to be too big because the breast augmentation that is too big for the body itself, it may make the girls. Losing self-confidence as well

There are 2 problems that people who decide to undergo breast surgery usually have:

  1. Small breast size Disproportionate to the body, the chest looks small, flat, causing a lack of confidence. or without a hillock wearing unattractive clothes It is a surgery to increase the patient’s confidence. Most of them are young patients under thirty years of age or older but have no children.
  2. Sagging breasts, older women, those with children and those who have lost a lot of weight. It will make the breast sagging. doesn’t look beautiful, can’t picture causing a lot of lack of confidence Therefore, those with sagging breasts It can be done in two ways: Lift the breasts or lift and tighten and enhance the breasts to be beautiful at the same time.

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