How To Get To Know Someone Personally

There are a lot of ways to know about someone. But the main question is that why we should bother knowing someone else. The answer is quite simple, the person that you want to know can be the person that you want to spend life with. Also, sometimes we are curious to know about the people in our inner circle.

Friends are the best companions in this world. So, to know them better we should have proper knowledge about them and their respective interests. Also, it is necessary to know about your own kin and your own family.

So, you want to know about someone? We are here to facilitate you.

Use these ways to know about someone personally.

As explained above that why knowing someone is important. We should also keep in mind that the person we are trying to know should be comfortable with it. If he is not then we should not proceed because then it would become preying and stalking which are crimes.

Now, just remember you should be confident when trying to know someone. There are following questions and things you can ask and do to know someone personally:

1. Ask spicy questions

The best way to know about someone honestly is asking them best hot seat questions. These questions are instant and so are their answers so the time to lie is not there and the answers are honest. Also, these questions are not limited to specific topics and cover a variety of topics. The questions can be:

  1. With which person you feel comfortable?
  2. Do you love or hate “enter any person’s name”?
  3. If you are forgiven for a murder, which person will you kill?
  4. What rumors have you heard about yourself?
  5. What is your biggest regret in your life?

2. Ask deep questions

You should also ask deeper questions about life. Like what do you think is your motive in this life? Similarly, there are tons of other questions that you could ask to get a deeper perspective about their lives.

3. Listen to them

This is perhaps the most important thing to do when you are trying to know someone personally. You should ask them questions like if they like dancing? Make them feel important! If they feel like you are not listening to them, they would never open to you personally. So, you should definitely listen to the

4. Respect their opinions

You should never disrespect someone opinions and if you are trying to know someone personally, you should always their respect their opinions.

It’s not necessary to agree with their opinions but its necessary to respect their opinions. Because if they feel their opinions are being disrespected, they will never open to you.

5. Attention

Never ignore them. Because if you ignore them then that person will also take you for granted and then forget knowing them personally, you will not even be able to talk to them.

Attention is the key to winning anyone’s heart.

6. Make conversation longer

Try to ask questions that furthers the conversation. Don’t ask questions and then get muted forward. Enjoy their answers try counter questioning them to engage them further in the conversation.

7. Honesty

Be honest with them. Don’t lie just to please them as in the long run that will not only destroy your relationship with them but also, he/she would never talk to you again too.

Give them your honest opinions that will let them know you personally too because it carries the same importance as you knowing them.

Final thoughts

Knowing someone personally can be as important as getting into a relationship with someone. If you don’t know someone personally then how can you spend your life with them?

Also, it is necessary to know about the people around you that you care for because only then you can give advice or know about their lives as they will be more open to you and will feel comfortable around you. You will be their safe space.

But you should never make it your goal to know someone because that would only lead you to make someone uncomfortable. We hope this article was useful for you!

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