Is the British School System Harder Than American?

When you compare the school systems of the two countries, the British school system is arguably easier. In England, students start formal education at age four. They are also required to take exams at key points in their education. In the UK, students typically take two-year programs, ending with the “Baccalaureate” (also called A Level) exams at the age of sixteen. The English education system pushes children toward more specialized fields.

The UK education system begins with the lower grades, and then separates into different tracks as they enter the teenage years. Students begin in lower grades, focusing on basic academics, but also taking advanced courses, such as A levels. High school students in the UK take these exams when they are about 17 and 18, which is quite different than in the United States. The UK education system also has a stronger emphasis on science and math, which are generally more rigorous.

For example, in Britain, children do not try out for sports teams. They are all placed on one team. Instead of requiring extra pickups or drop-offs, sports and activities are built into the school day. The day also includes an afternoon tea with the opposing team. This makes sports in the British school system much easier for young students. A large majority of children in the United States will specialize in one area, and most will get the curriculum early.

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