Some benefits and drawbacks of trading on Deriv


Offers a broad range of withdrawal and deposit methods

This is very practical for traders. Other options such as Dp2p and payment brokers allow traders to transfer funds to and from their accounts with the local methods of payment that aren’t specifically accepted by brokers.

  • The most well-known synthetic indexes

Deriv is the sole broker to offer synthetics that are well-liked by traders due to their consistent volatility and 24/7 availability

  • Offers forex, binary and crypto, as well as synthetic trading

There’s a broad range of instruments available to trade with the broker. This improves your convenience.

  • Multiple Verifications

The broker is subject to multiple regulations.

  • A lucrative partnership program for partners

The Deriv Broker  has an affiliate program that permits you to earn a life-long commission from trades of your clients who you have referred to for life. This. is a fantastic way to earn an income that is passive on top of the trading earnings. The application to become the affiliate’s partner is completely free for all and you can apply right here. This article explains the Affiliate program Deriv will be and how you can boost the amount of money you earn.


Does not provide social or copy trading

Copy Trading allows traders who are not professionals to replicate the trades made by professionals and benefit from their knowledge. This option is not provided by brokers.

  • Has a high leverage of 1:100 or more.

Leverage is a dual-edged sword. It can increase your profits, however it can also dramatically increase your losses if you’re not cautious.

  • Some of the securities on Deriv have high stop-loss limits.

Stop-loss levels are an essential element of managing risk. But, certain investments that brokers offer, such as the crash and boom indexes don’t adhere to the stop-loss levels in times of high volatility and this could significantly drain your account. The v100 index also has large stop loss levels that expose significant portions of your capital to the market.

  • Doesn’t accept US or UK-based customers.

American traders are not able to account with this broker because of restrictions

  • No Bonus

Deriv is not offering any type of deposit or no-deposit bonuses to its customers.

Trading is a career that has the potential to generate passive earnings. Successful traders have a variety of features in common. They are associated with a trustworthy platform for trading and develop individualized trade strategies and manage trades in a disciplined manner. They don’t let their emotions, such as fear or greed, influence trading. They view trading as an opportunity game.

Without a secure, reliable and fee-free brokerage firm, it could be difficult for traders to make trades smoothly. We from Traders Union, have shortlisted the top 12 best trading platform Australia through a thorough analysis of them against the criteria which include factors like security, reliability, the safety of their customers, commissions that are low, as well as the accessibility in trading tools.

  • Tastyworks

A 100% owned company to Tastytrade Tastyworks is controlled under the supervision of ASIC which is located in Australia. The charges go up to $2.5 per contract for options on Tastyworks has three different types of accounts which include the Work Account, Individual Account and Joint Account. The company also provides a wide selection of educational content in the form of research reports, videos and learning programs. Tastyworks is a patented trading platform, which is accessible on desktop web, mobile, and portal versions.

  • Think Markets

As a company that is regulated By ASIC, ThinkMarkets has a registered office in Melbourne, Australia. ThinkMarkets allows investors to invest in over 3,100 ASX shares and ETFs. The broker also gives the opportunity to receive 10 ASX promo shares for customers who sign up for a trading account on the platform and connect their bank accounts. ThinkMarkets has an $8 flat rate per trade for ETFs and equities in the event that the value of the trade is less than $200,000. If the value of the trade is greater than $200,000 the brokerage fee is 0.05 percent per trade. ThinkMarkets in Australia allows trading for more than 1600 CFDs from Forex indices, commodities, and Futures.

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