Techniques that men should know before applying gel nails.

The nail polish trend has become a part of grooming for men over the past decade. The appeal of this nail polish is that no matter what gender you are. Or what kind of character? Nail polish is another thing that can help you express yourself well.

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There are two main types of nail polish. Both nail polish with a bottle of nail polish. The advantage is that it is easy to apply. But it peels off easily as well. Or is it a gel nail polish that requires a visit to a nail salon specifically? which lasts longer and is not easy to peel off. But if you want to take it out, you have to let the shop do it. If we recommend, we would like you to apply gel nails more. Because from the direct experience of the author who paints both types of nails Gel nail polish is best suited for everyday use. Because it is both durable and always beautiful. And if you want to get your nails done right now Today we will share Things you should know before entering a nail salon

Have an idea

In order to make you confidently enter the nail salon and not be afraid of the question, “Which nail color would you like to do?” We recommend that you prepare your favorite manicure style in advance. Whether it’s a painted manicure style of Harry Styles or G-Dragon.

But if you think that painting nails is too much. It’s also a good idea to start off with basic colors like black and white. Because from asking nail salons that use regular services The shop says that most of the men who come to do the work are mainly painted black or white. which if to paint the most popular pattern is the checkerboard pattern

Make up your mind that gel nail polish will make your nails look thinner.

This is probably the main disadvantage of gel manicures. Because in order to make the gel nails last longer The nail polisher will need to smoothen your nails and remove all the oiliness from the nail surface by using a sponge-like nail file polishing method. This may make your nails thinner and more brittle, but not all nails are permanent. When the nail grows back, it returns to its former strength.

Nail drying can be a bit hot.

The last step of the nail polish is to coat the nail varnish so that the color is completely dry and not sticky. The nail coat itself will bring heat to the nail surface especially well. The more glaze, the hotter it gets. So if you feel hot while drying your nails Take your hand out and insert it again. but not often Because it may cause the nail polish to smear.

When bored of nails Absolutely do not copy yourself.

This is a behavior that you absolutely shouldn’t follow. Because after two or three weeks of manicure The newly painted nails are more distant from the nail base. So there may be gaps that allow you to peel your nails. We strongly warn you that copying is strictly prohibited! Because it will pull away from your fingernails too. As a result, your nails become brittle and sensitive to various applications.

What is a nail break?

It’s as simple as leaving your nails untouched at all. If your nails are longer You can cut the nails in the gel nail polish part. Without having to peel or do anything at all, but there is a downside to beauty that you may have to endure weeks of dents.

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