Three Great Examples of Client Service on Twitter

Social media has two important applications for businesses. Its customer service tools help companies prioritize tweets by language, customer handle, and urgency. Not only does this provide actionable advice to customers, but it also provides a means to escalate issues to a human being. Here are some examples of best practice in client service on Twitter. Listed below are three great examples of good client service on Twitter. We hope you find them useful!

Insights into how brands handle their Twitter accounts reveal their human side are valuable. A simple example of a brand’s client service on Twitter is its response time. A large company like UPS has a full-time employee dedicated to assisting customers on Twitter. Their response time is exemplary: within 30 minutes of receiving a customer’s tweet, they respond. The company is also able to use product videos and creatives to keep customers informed.

When customers want a quick response from brands, they turn to social media. Twitter offers an unparalleled direct-to-consumer experience, and influential brands are taking advantage of this. Warby Parker, for example, is renowned for their customer service and has a dedicated Twitter handle, @WarbyParkerHelp, which has hundreds of retweets from real customers. A company’s customer service strategy should be tailored to the needs of its customer base.

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