What Kind of Cases Do Criminal Lawyers Handle?

Criminal lawyers are tasked with defending clients who are accused of crimes against the state or individuals. The field of criminal law focuses on determining what conduct deserves punishment and what type of punishment is appropriate. These lawyers have a heady responsibility as they fight to get their clients the justice they deserve. Whether they are accused of murder, assault, or a felony, criminal attorneys are well-versed in how to defend their clients.

Most cases filed against people are state-level crimes. Federal prosecutors, on the other hand, may decide to prosecute individuals who have committed a federal crime. This is because federal crimes carry greater punishments, including more extensive prison sentences and larger fines. Depending on the nature of the crime, you may be charged with a federal crime if the violation involves interstate or national security. If you’ve been accused of a federal crime, a criminal lawyer will represent you in federal court.

Criminal trials can be stressful and challenging. It’s important to have a lawyer you can communicate with during the trial. In addition to being able to give you legal advice and help you understand the process, an experienced criminal lawyer will also explain to you what happens next. A not guilty verdict is obviously the best outcome, but if you’re convicted, you’ll still have to face Sentencing and Appeal Hearings.

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